Quality time is must for happy marriage – Marriage counselor Delhi explains

Marriage counselor helps you look at important things in life which should be the priority through #marriage #counseling.
Only four months of #marriage #couple was not able to give time to bond with each other. Husband has a job and studying, new marriage, there is no issue between us but he is just busy in […]

Case Study : Wife feels husband is not listening to her

Case study :
Marriage Counsellor in Delhi
explains why wife feels that husband is not listening to her & she feels unheard.

In this case study both husband & wife had anger management issue. They never had time to sit & talk. never sat on dining table to talk though they had made agreements that if something […]

Case Study : When husband avoids talking to his wife

Case study : Marriage is a bliss that’s what others think but when you come home & are scared what if I speak & she will blast her volume on high pitch & When wife voice sounds like sharp needles in ears, It’s time you gotta see a counselor. You think her voice is irritating you […]

Case study : Wife is addicted to serials which are brainwashing her how to play games in relationships

This weeks special case : Husband called for counselling & said his Wife is addicted to serials which are brainwashing her how to play games in relationships.

Wife is addicted to Tv soaps & picking up only negative roles from serials, & what to do with his mother.

Sounds really good may be picked up some […]

Case study : infidelity recovery – husband keeping two families

Case Study : Marriage counselor in explains to wife who just found out her husband had been keeping a second wife in Chandigarh. Besides wife who he legally married he had three children from first wife. For 21 years he had been up & down Mumbai – Chandigarh – Delhi for his business work. […]

Case Study : Husband wife staying together because of child and husband is influenced by his parents

Case Study : We husband and wife are at the point where even we are not talking to each other just living in the same house for children sake. I love him very much but due to some miss-happening or ( galatfahmi ) we are in this situation. he is taking all the wrong […]

Rediscover spark in your marriage – nine ways to reinvent happiness in marriage

Here are 9 simple ways to have a wonderful day with a healthy dose of appreciation during conflicts:

A simple Thank You can bring spouse closer.  If he is working & she is housewife then it’s clear he is earning or being a provider in some way. It doesn’t matter if he is hard working […]

Is this your luck or you are holding back the happiness in marriage

We at iNTEGRA  work hard to help couples and families grow closer together through discovering and resolving core issues, increasing closeness and understanding, and helping individuals grow and overcome obstacles in their lives. Marriage Counselling in Delhi is provided in Hauz Khas & Marriage Counselling in Gurgaon is provided in Sec 31 & DLF […]

Marriage Counselling in Delhi by iNtegra

Marriage  Counselling in Delhi by iNtegra
Marriage  Counselling in Delhi & Gurgaon by iNtegra counsellers of iNtegra counselling.

So you are in need of counseling. Counselling on family matters is a big and often frightening step for some when you are doing good in all aspects of life. Sometimes you need a helping hand to get you […]

Marriage counselling in Gurgaon

iNtegra Counselling offers marriage counselling in Delhi, Gurgaon and in Noida.
In Gurgaon we are located in Sec 31 & in DLF phase 2.

80% of divorces are due Marital issues related to behaviors which can be changed.

iNtegra is beyond marriage improvement it helps you improve every aspect of your life.
Counselling is recommended if you can […]