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Case Study : When husband avoids talking to his wife

Case study : Marriage is a bliss that’s what others think but when you come home & are scared what if I speak & she will blast her volume on high pitch & When wife voice sounds like sharp needles in ears, It’s time you gotta see a counselor. You think her voice is irritating you […]

Case Study : Wife doesn’t want mother in law to visit

Case study : Can you leave you mother alone ? No but what if your wife doesn’t want your mother to visit her at your house because sometimes in her last visit both had created a scenario where you also felt this will lead to separation but who is separating from who & for what […]

Case study : Wife is addicted to serials which are brainwashing her how to play games in relationships

This weeks special case : Husband called for counselling & said his Wife is addicted to serials which are brainwashing her how to play games in relationships.

Wife is addicted to Tv soaps & picking up only negative roles from serials, & what to do with his mother.

Sounds really good may be picked up some […]

Case Study : Wife told husband to sleep in other room counselling for marriage in to bring him back

Case Study : why wife had to tell her husband to sleep in other room till he is what she desires to be him. Wife opted counselling for marriage by iNtegra to bring him back in her life after she told him to get out of her room but not of her life.

Two things to […]

Case Study : Husband wife staying together because of child and husband is influenced by his parents

Case Study : We husband and wife are at the point where even we are not talking to each other just living in the same house for children sake. I love him very much but due to some miss-happening or ( galatfahmi ) we are in this situation. he is taking all the wrong […]