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Quality time is must for happy marriage – Marriage counselor Delhi explains

Marriage counselor helps you look at important things in life which should be the priority through #marriage #counseling.
Only four months of #marriage #couple was not able to give time to bond with each other. Husband has a job and studying, new marriage, there is no issue between us but he is just busy in […]

Case Study : Wife feels husband is not listening to her

Case study :
Marriage Counsellor in Delhi
explains why wife feels that husband is not listening to her & she feels unheard.

In this case study both husband & wife had anger management issue. They never had time to sit & talk. never sat on dining table to talk though they had made agreements that if something […]

Case Study : Wife doesn’t want mother in law to visit

Case study :┬áCan you leave you mother alone ? No but what if your wife doesn’t want your mother to visit her at your house because sometimes in her last visit both had created a scenario where you also felt this will lead to separation but who is separating from who & for what […]

Case Study : Wife is tired and sick but still making food for husband

Case Study : You have wife who is is educated & working. What if wife is tired and sick but still making food for husband so he should get home cooked food what do you give her in return ? A face when you are back that she should be glad you are home […]

Case Study : Husband comes home and takes over TV or social life marriage counselor in Delhi

Case Study : Feel like what if i had separate house where i could hide ?

Husband comes home and takes over TV or social life. You can’t be on Facebook or whatsapp because he said so or you decided when he is home you want to give him entire time, but what if he […]

Case study : infidelity recovery – husband keeping two families

Case Study : Marriage counselor in explains to wife who just found out her husband had been keeping a second wife in Chandigarh. Besides wife who he legally married he had three children from first wife. For 21 years he had been up & down Mumbai – Chandigarh – Delhi for his business work. […]