Case study : Can you leave you mother alone ? No but what if your wife doesn’t want your mother to visit her at your house because sometimes in her last visit both had created a scenario where you also felt this will lead to separation but who is separating from who & for what ? You have kids , will you not want to visit when your kids get married & live separately ? that’s what your mother might be going through.

All said & done but what about wife. she is trying to make house or build a house of her own & now she doesn’t want someone to order why this should be done a certain way. wife is just trying to make a space for identity & creating her own house.

Case study : This is a case study only of a case during marriage counselling session of a couple in marriage counselling by a counselor : Any names & locations are not disclosed. All case studies are written only with permission of the client on the condition of not disclosing real names.