Case Study : Wife says Husband lied about his education and job before marriage when they were dating.
Husband says he only lied about attending the classes while he was enrolled in BE but he didn’t gave the last exams so he couldn’t finish his engineering degree. But he was enrolled in the college when his wife & him were dating. But after that he decided not to continue with his education because he was more interested in Film making or arts.
They got married too early at young age because parents thought it’s good for them to be married at young age.
Today after 3 years of marriage husband has been able to complete his BE as he was pushed / motivated by wife to complete his degree. Now wife feels she has been betrayed in the marriage & doesn’t want to continue in the marriage.

Till now : It’s revealed that it was not only because he lied about his education but the real reason the wife wanted him to seek counselling & get motivated in his business. Even after finishing his B.E. husband was still working the family business where he has no motivation. he doesn’t like to be in that industry or work rather use his creative skills to make homes or society. Now he is working towards his career goals & wife is working towards her business which is also related work. So now both have a happy future ahead.

Case study : This is a case study only of a case during marriage counselling session of a couple in marriage counselling by a counselor : Any names & locations are not disclosed. All case studies are written only with permission of the client on the condition of not disclosing real names.