Father in law or mother in law is intruding in your marriage, if this is how you feel then you are loosing your own space. Are they interfering or you letting them interfere in your life. If your marriage is strong & couple are happy in their relationship then in-laws are not a liability or responsibility rather they become a support system.  Frustration keeps mounting over the years of marriage if not taken care of maintaining peace with in-laws.

As per our marriage counselling clinical study of thousands of marital cases, Some of the common Issues where you feel in-laws may be interfering are :

For Wife from her husbands family :

  • Where are you going ?
  • What time will you be back ?
  • What are you wearing, you should dress up properly?
  • Why are going again ?
  • What are doing, why you can’t be more responsible ?
  • Why are you phone all the time ?
  • Who is sending you these messages ?
  • When you coming to us ? even last time you went to your mothers home.


For Husband from wifes family :

  • Why is she sick all the time ?
  • Why are you not spending time with her ?
  • When are you coming to us ?
  • Why are you stopping her to buy her clothes.
  • You should stop drinking.
  • You need to settle your life.
  • Why are you not trusting your wife ?
  • Why do you come so late from office ?

Although above issues may not be the in-law issue you personally have to deal with, it reflects one of the many ways interference by in-laws can bring tension to a marriage. Strategies for addressing interference from outsiders, however, remain the same.


But if you feel you are better alone then there must be reason about it from the past incidents you had with in-laws.  In that case meet a iNtegra Counselor & find out how you both can bring in happiness at home.