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Only four months of #marriage #couple was not able to give time to bond with each other. Husband has a job and studying, new marriage, there is no issue between us but he is just busy in job and studying. I feel neglected. there is no time for me wife says in marriage counseling Delhi.
He does takes care of me, but since we fought then he is not talking to me, i feel alone to to marriage counselor.
Husband is busy in study. so wife keeps complaining he has not time.
Husband says i have a job. I have to study. I have responsibility. Husband doesn’t want to talk because he feels he is loosing his time which he can give to study & create a better career for him.
Husband doesn’t realize that wife he brought from out of town feels alone wife says to marriage counselor Delhi.
Wife keeps crying may be its my fault, what should i do, when he is angry & doesn’t want to talk.
Wife is well qualified but not working & is housewife so can’t figure out what is the role of career & why do we need to work hard to study and build career. There is not much issue, but argument turns into fights then more arguments.
So there is lot of wastage of time in fights but they don’t lead to anywhere because the only issue facing is the time husband not able to give time. there is no mudda but these fights are now turning in wife’s mind that he doesn’t love me.
Wife feels abandoned by him, as she has no one in the city, all her relatives are in different city. Wife can’t visit her parents as they in different state, she doesn’t want to disclose to her parents because they will feel stressed out for their daughter, so wife keeps this loneliness in her.

Advice by the marriage counselor Delhi :
Couples need to take the next step when quality time in marriage is missing.
Time is limited during dy so discover healthy ways to manage time instead of frustration and anger;
Wife needs to learn effectively deal with her loneliness, by finding a job or taking up higher studies, as husband will be busy for next one year. He is totally focused on studies, it’s not that husband doesn’t love her but husband doesn’t have time as job takes up 12 hours then commuting time to and fro from office then his studies and classes. So there is not enough time husband has, he can’t afford to loose the job & can’t leave his studies as he feels this is the moment.
Both need to renew hope and trust in spouse; and rebuild their marriage from the bonding phase.
Let each other know that we are there for each other, and how both can enjoy the time they have in hand rather than fighting during that time. Time gone today is not coming back. So every minute spent in fight over time could have been spent in enjoying the time with each other.